Zombies to infect the Merrion Centre, Leeds!

Bring on the Dead! A new Halloween scare event is coming to the Merrion Centre, Leeds,  for Halloween 2019.

Bifrost Entertainments are back with a bang! After the success of the pop up family attraction “Professor Humboldts Chamber of Time”  Bifrost return to the Merrion Centre with something a little more adult. Black Death Zombie Experience! (BDZE)

The terrifying Halloween event will transport willing victims into a real life apocalypse Blockbuster! Cast your mind to your favourite Zombie film, remember that scene when the heroes had to raid an abandoned supermarket or shopping centre? Well that, along with Live actors and special effects is what you can expect from this unique Scare attraction.

“We thought the Merrion Centre would be the best place to create that real life element to the story that is sometimes missing from other scare attractions/events where the theme is set in another time period or basic maze. We believe that the use of an actual shopping centre will create a much more believable head space for our audience and a much more authentic scare when having to survive a Zombie attack!” ​Natasha – Performance Director.

The Merrion Centre/ Arena Quarter is a great location being at the heart of Leeds City Centre. Apocalypse enthusiasts from across the UK are in easy reach due to great travel connections, so no double checking of a post code to take you to a remote undisclosed location for a scare maze, Phew!

The Student district being near by is going to create a great hubub around this time of year and we hope to see many of them during our Zombie Recruitment at the Merrion Centre on the 14th September! More details of how to get involved to be announced on our facebook page soon.

With Prism nightclub on site the Halloween festivities can continue well into the night after the most intense hour of your life/ after life with BDZE.

Tickets are now on sale for the following dates: ● 28th & 29th – September ● 26th, 27th, & 31st – October