The New Zombie Uprising: Are Zombies Making A Comeback

They have accumulated countless names after years of being a go to theme in popular culture: The living dead, infected, the undead, walkers… we’re of course talking about Zombies. With what seemed like a surge of all things zombie after the massive hit that was AMCs The Walking Dead, the zombie trend seemed to have died down in more recent years. Shows like Z-Nation and iZombie came and went, and films like World War Z passed by without much interest, even the viewership of The Walking Dead has died off significantly as the show ties up its 9th season.

The Walking Dead Season 9

But much to our relief, it seems that those pesky walkers just won’t stay dead. Early 2019 has seen somewhat of a resurrection of the genre and the zombie infection within mainstream media appears to be spreading yet again.

Kingdom, a south korean TV series, kick started the year when it started to air on Netflix in January. It’s take on the living dead is something new entirely. If you’re expecting zombies to be the focus of the action and narrative, then this may not be the show for you. The driving force of the plot is not the undead as you may be used to with western shows like the walking dead, but instead zombies are an aside that become more and more important as the show progresses. The Feudal Korean zombie show has been a massive success and filming for the second series has already begun.

DC Zombie Apocalypse

It isn’t just TV that zombies are returning to in 2019. PUBG have just released a brand new update to it’s mobile version, “Zombie: Survive Till Dawn'” which pits it’s players against the undead in a game mode similar to PUBGs classic gameplay. Even the DC universe is to see some infected action with the recent announcement of DCeased, a six issue mini series featuring a global zombie apocalypse!

2019 has only just begun, and if these zombie successes are to indicate anything, it could be a very good year for the genre, especially considering that our Black Death: Zombie Experience will be making an appearance at a top secret location this Halloween.